Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Graffiti War

Banksy's success seems to be coming at a price.

The Video also offers some insight into graffiti art, its history and techniques. Perhaps one interesting aspect of this artform is its access, alterability and exposure to the elements and such.

Living in London, this Robbo-Banksy war is quite visible. The latest I've seen was on Regent's canal that says "If I see a Banksy, I paint over it". Unfortunately, I don't find Robbo's comebacks to be terribly creative. Either way, the public nature of graffiti art and its immovability make it more temporal than other traditional pieces of art. It almost becomes a photograph, capturing a space and a moment in time rather than a permanent fixture on the landscape. The anonymity of persons involved lends more mystery to the whole issue - one this video tries to resolve, but also one that definitely draws an audience of curious onlookers.

While hip hop is experienced in tit for tat attacks, it is interesting how this translates to other art forms. I can't imagine Picaso and Matisse going at it in such a way. While allusion and sampling are common techniques in different forms of art - perhaps paintovers or creative editing could be added.