Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Militarization of Sex

This article in the FP drew my attention. Even in the constraints of religion, there are still ways of heeding to man's desires. From Korean Comfort Women to modern-day escorts, this is quite an interesting take on prostitution.

The Militarization of Sex
The story of Hezbollah's halal hookups.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Straight Killing it

I'm a fan of all three. They will be appearing in the next GQ. (From Kanye's Blog)

Here's the Text:
"Have you been listening to hip-hop this year? If not, we’ve got good news: The gangster persona is finally dead, and these are the kids who killed it. One song at a time, they built a new era in which duct-taped kilos, exotic firearms, and freaky girls are out and real life is the focus. That can still mean trumped-up egos and battle raps, but it also means family, drama, vicious hangovers, and regular chicks who will make good love to you, then stomp out your heart. (Weed? Weed is always in.) Wale is as famous for his live shows as for the slick-witted lyricism of his debut, Attention Deficit. Kid Cudi is the cutup who scored with the stoner anthem “Day N Nite” and his album Man on the Moon. And then there’s Drake, who found himself turning down multimillion-dollar offers after his single “Best I Ever Had” exploded. (It helps that the girls like Drake. A lot.) Drake’s debut, Thank Me Later is easily the most anticipated album of 2010 So what do these underdogs thing about being cast as gangster slayers? “The dope boy is going to be a fixture of black culture as long as “thug” is a legitimate option alongside a job” Drake says. But I’m not going to rap about how much crack I’ve sold.” Cudi also laughs at the idea of talking tough. “Anybody from cleveland will tell you I wasn’t in the streets” he says. “Ask them! They’ll say, ‘Scott was the goofy class clown.” -GQ

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Marriage of Art and Marketing

Burberry and the Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) have collaborated on a project called "The art of the trench". The site is an extensive series of Photograph's Scott has taken of people wearing Burberry Trench coats. Its pretty brilliant. My favourite is the picture of Garance Dore Rocking the Trench with the NY Yankees hat, but there are several other really good ones. What a better way to market a product than to let it sell itself on real people in real situations. Not that I think Hermione's new campaign for the brand is by any means bad (I think its quite good actually) this is just another great strategy.

Check out the site by clicking on the image.

Also check out Garance's blog, it is rather brilliant in itself. She is also an incredibly nice person if you happen to meet her!