Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Impromptu Street Performances

Mos Def and Jason Mraz take it 2 the streets. (not together, but separately, and without the dance moves). There's something very pleasing about performing a piece on the move in a foreign city. It comes across as very natural and free-flowing - Liberating? I'm a fan. Its like they're leaving a fleeting mark on these timeless cities - how impromptu music can lighten the grey dinginess of the urban landscape for a moment.

There's something even more raw about a capella raps. Its almost like the words are bearing themselves without the hindrance of an audible beat. When the words create rhythm though, it makes it seem like the music is an afterthought.

Check out these vids.

First, off of his new album Ecstatic, Mos Def a capalla:

Casa Bay



And Jason Mraz:

Live High

The Lovre is in Lisa's Hands

Its a Lovely Day

More here.