Monday, April 6, 2009

Tilt-shift Miniature Faking

This video was made using the tilt-shift miniature faking photography technique. Essentially what is done is a Photograph is taken of a normal sized object from a normal depth of field and edited to imitate the Macro-look one might see in a picture of something miniature. This is done by blurring the parts of the picture that are not to be the central focus. In other words, a picture taken at a deep depth of field with a narrow aperture is made to look like it is actually a picture of something at a shallow depth of field taken with a large aperture. This process used to be achieved using tilt-shift lenses (lenses that one could actually tilt or shift) hence the name. Now days, this is usually achieved using a computer. Either way, its quite something to consider the tricks one can play on the mind and perspective by using such simple techniques of deception.

It was famously first used in Thom Yorke's Harrowdown Hill music video (below) and CSI's miniature killer episodes.