Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extreme Slow Motion

The newest thing in digital cameras, from small hand held ones to DSLRs, is the ability to take videos in HD. 1080p videos are now fast becoming the norm for the video shooting capabilities of point and shoot cameras. Additionally, consumer-grade cameras are increasingly allowing people to shoot in high frame per second speeds. Instead of 15 or 30, they are now allowing you to shoot at 600 or 1200 FPS.

I was reading this article discussing techniques for shooting in slow-motion, when I stumbled upon this:

I have to say this ad caught me totally by surprise, which perhaps led to its added impact. Sometimes advertising can be so powerfully done, it makes one wonder how such marketing firms as that employed by Subway for its latest campaign survive in a world with people who came up with the above.

I also strongly agree with the cause that is the subject of this brilliant ad.
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