Monday, March 16, 2009

Even the Economist Realizes the Need to Legalize Drugs

The war on drugs was a failure. America imprisons 1 in 6 of its people; far and away, the root cause of the majority of their crimes is drugs. Western nations continue to be entangled in the debacle that is Afghanistan, a failed state that has as its primary economic industry the production of heroin. Mexico has become something closer to the wild west than the emerging economic power it was supposed to become. My own city is in the midst of a gang war that has averaged around 4 shootings a week for the last couple months and boasts the poorest neighborhood in Canada. This sounds like a terribly trying problem, but in all essence it is not.

Of all sources, the Economist has highlighted the solution: The legalization of drugs.

The greatest obstacle to winning the war on drugs is the ideological steadfastness of those who cannot think past the stigma associated with drugs to see that there are actual constructive solutions.

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