Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunshine Purified Water

The Solvatten jerrycan purifies water in 3-4 hours using nothing but Sunshine. This task is accomplished as the can soaks in the sun's UV rays, heating the water to 50-60°C, the temperature at which all pathogens are killed. Not only does the device provide people with one of the essential elements to life, it does so in a cheap, resource-friendly way. Imagine preventing Cholera epidemics, dysentery, Hepatitis etc. without requiring the importation, the filtering or the boiling of water using gas, wood or coal, which can be scarce, expensive and polluting resources. "1,6 billion live without electricity Firewood is the most common source to heat water. 1 kg of firewood is needed to boil one liter of water. This accelerates the deforestation, the earth erosion and influences the climate change." Further, because it uses UV rays, it allows the purifying of water even in cloudy conditions.

Its amazing how such simple ideas can go such a long ways.