Friday, January 9, 2009

OED - Save the words.

In an effort to save words from being dropped from the dictionary, the Save the Words campaign is attempting to reignite that fire that once burned within the likes of "Vacivity" or "boreism" or "airgonaut". My high school english teacher once described one's vocabulary as the ever expanding tool box with which one can construct their exact ideas. Language is a constantly evolving system, but with spell-check, IM talk, TV and other forms of on demand media, some think language is devolving.

Some words to throw down in your next paper:

Phylactology: the science of counter-espionage
Veteratorian: subtle
Pilimiction: passing of of hair-like bodies in the urine
Theomeny: the fury of God
Brabeum: bounty or reward
Tantuple: multiplied by the same number
Crassulent: very fat; overweight; grossly obese
Quercivorous: feeding on oak trees
Philargyrist: someone who loves money

I cannot be veteratorian about my theomenous disdain for crassulent pilimictions. Perhaps it is just the brabeum I deserve for my quercivorous appetite.

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