Friday, January 9, 2009

Be the Change, January 20th innauguration.

Like releasing a sequel to a movie, Shepard Fairy has done it again...

I must admit these posters are very well done... from the red, white and blue, to the off into the distance gaze, evoking other famous pop-artists' work. HOWEVER, I have expressed my opinion with regards to iconography of important figures... And I do counsel against raising someone to such status before they even have a chance to prove themselves. Not that i doubt the man, I doubt the miracles demanded of him.

I must reiterate a quotation from previous entries.

"Let us keep our heads. But let us not numb our hearts. Somewhere in a Burkean idyll, countless Americans who lived before us, the souls of so many black folk and white folk across the centuries, are watching. What would Washington have said? How could Lincoln believe it? How amazed would Martin Luther King be?

We are indeed on the verge of something that seems even more incredible the closer it gets, something more than a mere election. This is America, after all. It is a place that has seen great cruelty and hardship in its time. But it is also a place that yearns to believe naively in mornings rather than evenings, that cherishes dawns over dusks, that is not embarrassed by its own sense of destiny. In this unlikely mixed-race figure of Barack Obama, we will for a brief moment perhaps see a nation reimagined and a world of possibilities open up. For a brief moment at least.

As they have learnt to say in some of the most blighted parts of the world at some of the most desperate times: know hope."