Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And so we kick, push, kick, push coast... and away we rolled, just rebells looking for a place to go.

I have to say that I find the LV or Coach patterns (amongst others)to be rather annoying... they are omnipresent, cliched and far more representative of Middle America than anything associated with design and style. Its often sad, seeing as some of these design firms have so much more to offer than their infamous monogram. For instance. Maybe its because I got a shirt or two monogrammed, BUT i think this is pretty sick:

In honor of its newest collection designed by Stephen Sprouse, LV is going to be "creating two limited edition pieces, which will only be available at the SoHo location: a Stephen Sprouse graffiti skateboard replete with a hard case monogram skateboard trunk, and a Stephen Sprouse “Roses” T-shirt. The company hopes to sell three graffiti skateboards with trunks for $8,250 each, and 70 T-shirts for $250 each. “I don’t expect them to last very long,” Lalonde said. “By Friday, there probably won’t be any more left.”"

Kinda Hipster? Skatester? Hiphopster? whatever, its still pretty sick.