Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The future is bright

Sometimes, they just do it right.

This poster reminds me of the trailer for the original Psycho move. The trailer was totally different from the normal. Starting with his classic "good afternoon", It involved Mr. Hitchcock touring the set of the movie, pointing to where major things occur noting how unlikely a location it seems to be in the day. He carefully draws you in, without in fact revealing any critical part of the movie. It is the most blatant of sales-pitches, yet succeeds in being-so. Whether its the cheekiness, or Hitchcock's quirkiness, it is one of the best trailers of all time. Not that the poster is a blatant sales-pitch (besides being a movie poster), it just evokes a similar cheekiness (this time by the joker) and draws us in with something that is in fact, quite simple.

Hitchcock at his finest

In other news, "Kanye West has teamed up with fashion brand Louis Vuitton to design a men’s shoe line, and will even venture into women’s wear this fall." is cheeky a theme for this blog? i guess so.

Kanye West, aka The Louis Vuitton Don: one Dapper Rapper