Monday, June 9, 2008

An Assault on Hockey

CTV, owner of TSN has bought the rights to the CBC’s (Canada’s national broadcaster) Hockey Night in Canada theme song. Their winning bid, the product more of emotion than actual fair competition, has given them exclusive rights to playing the classic song in their coverage.

This is the second aggressive attempt by CTV to oust CBC from broadcasting hockey. Their other move was to win exclusive broadcast rights to hockey during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Unfortunately for TSN, the song has no bearing on the quality of a hockey broadcast.It is also unfortunate that viewers widely perceive TSN’s hockey coverage to be vastly inferior to that of CBC. Perhaps it is the incoherent ramblings of TSN’s Pierre McGuire, his abilities to choose the most random players as his Monster of the Game (read player of the game). The incredibly lackluster analysis, that utilizes “experts” who have themselves had little actual hockey experience, unlike CBC’s veteran team of coaches and players. Whether one considers production value, whit, color commentary or play-by-play, TSNs subordination is evident. When one thinks hockey commentary, do they think Don Cherry? Or Pierre McGuire… Hockey is Canada’s national sport, it needs to remain nationally broadcast by our nation’s broadcasting corporation.

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