Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top 5s explained.

Somewhat of a deviation from previous discussions, I shall now “dabble” into the realm of top 5s.

What are they? They are the listing of what one considers their top 5 choices in any given subject matter. At the most rudimentary level, they are a form of entertainment, yet they offer incredible insight. Five strikes the perfect balance between a detailed list and a small sampling. It allows one to selectively chose their favorites without creating a massive exhaustive tome. It is a chance at seriously delving into someone’s interests:

Top 5 movies:
1) The Godfather
2) Apocalypse now
3) Good Night and Good Luck
4) O Brother Where Art Thou
5) The Gods Must be crazy

or swim in the completely random,

Top 5 “YE”’s:
1) KanYE
2) YEmen
3) they be like ludah, and I belike YEEEEAEAAAHHH
4) YEast
5) YEltsin

On that note,

Top 5s… go.